On a quiet residential street in Delmar lies a building known to only a few. It’s home to the Blanchard-Currey Post of the American Legion. Nearly 800 members comprised of Legionaries, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion remain constantly busy serving and giving back to the community. From breakfast buffets, free dinners for vets, music concerts and rentals of their banquet hall, it’s all done by volunteers.

While there is not an actually tally of the thousands of volunteer hours it takes to run these organizations and their programs, there certainly is a measure of their success. Even in a down economy the Blanchard-Currey Post has found ways to continue to raise funds which it returns to the community.

Past Legion Commander Steve Riedel, a Marine Veteran and Retired Navy Seebee explained that, “giving back to programs that support our veterans is incredibly rewarding. For years we have supported Freedom Flight which brings World War II veterans to the Memorial in Washington, DC. The tears, followed by smiles, takes your breath away as you listen to a WWII vet describe the trip.” Vietnam era Veteran Phil Giacone who served as the Chairman of the Board explained, “While we are here to support America’s Veterans and current servicemen and women, we recognize that when we served, American’s were there to support us. It’s only appropriate that we return the favor and give back to the community. Most of our community-based giving is focused on children. They are our future.”

The Blanchard-Currey Post is always looking for qualified members to join. For information on how to join, look at the links at the top of this page.  Choose “Legion”, “Auxiliary” or “Sons” and then select “Membership Requirements”.

The Blanchard Post has made donations to the following organizations:

Stratton VA Hospital Programs
Freedom Flight
Shea Scholarship Fund
Home for Joe
Veterans in Need
Am. Legion Baseball
Veteran’s Programs
Boys State/Girls State
Care Packages to Servicemen
Boy Scouts Troop 58
Tri-Village LL
Community Groups
(Incl. Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Bethlehem Community Fund,
Community Hospice, Diabetes Foundation, Am. Cancer Soc.,
Am. Heart Assn., Bethlehem Youth Court, Slingerlands FD
and BCHS Graduation Party)

So, the next time you hear of an event at the Blanchard-Currey Post of the American Legion, know that your support will benefit both community and veterans programs and go a long way in thanking our veterans and active duty personnel.

If you would like to donate directly to the Blanchard-Currey Post of The American Legion, please send your tax deductible contribution to:

American Legion Post 1040
16 West Poplar Drive
Delmar, New York  12054

We also encourage your to support the many public events we sponsor throughout the year.  Thank you.

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