Membership Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for Membership in The American Legion

Click here to open and print theĀ American Legion Membership Application

If you have served at least one day of active military duty since December 7, 1941 and were honorably discharged or you are still serving active military duty honorably, you are eligible for membership with The American Legion.

1. Complete American Legion Membership application.

Print two (2) completed copies. Keep one copy for your records. Mail the other copy to above address, together with your dues payment. (Dues amount on application). Applications are also available at the Post.)

2. Copy of DD214 or discharge.

3. Membership Dues Payment. Dues. (Amount Shown on Application). Make checks payable to American Legion Post 1040. DO NOT SEND CASH.

4. If the information is correct, membership will be approved and then a membership card will be mailed to you.

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